OIM provides its services on a Total Management Basis which relieves clients of all human resource functions relating to the crew


Two decades of extensive industry experience, coupled with an impeccable safety record and consistent service delivery has bolstered our reputation as a leading resource provider.

Outsourcing advantage

  • Cost advantage to clients: Reduction in HR overhead and total hiring cost
  • Reduced travel rates due to volume bookings
  • Permanent access to a broad range of qualified and readily available, efficient and quality crew from various nationalities
  • Proprietary Crew Management Software (CMS) speeds up the process of hiring and mobilization.
  • Outsourcing allows drilling contractors to focus on their core competencies as OIM takes on the entire responsibility of the crewing process beginning with sourcing until demobilization and final release.
  • Handling of all payroll and benefits for the crew and providing one invoice to our client per month based on a daily charge rate inclusive of all logistics services
  • Low turnover and high sustainability of crews

Key success factors

  • Responsive Management Team
  • Commitment to Service
  • Proven track record
  • Flawless credibility
  • Long-standing relationships with global best-in-class clients
  • Preferred Employer Status - competitive pay rates - Low turnover
  • Established crew recruitment channels
  • Proprietary Crew Management System
  • Established presence and offices in key regions

Value Proposition

  • Access to a large pool of competent crews for all positions
  • Candidate pre-employment screening
  • Prompt response and timely deployment of crews
  • Quality and efficiency of crews with strong commitment to local content
  • Embedding our own staff with clients to manage the crews
  • Nationality mix includes Asian nationals and locals
  • HSE training and high performance standards
  • Low turnover and loyalty of personnel
  • Proprietary Crew Management System
  • High morale amongst crews
  • Competitive day rates