OIM delivers consistent, end-to-end crew management solutions to the Oil & Gas industry, enabling asset owners and operators to focus on their core operation.

Launched in 1999, OIM pioneered the integrated resource management approach and has been providing seamless crewing solutions to Oil & Gas operations globally since then.

OIM evolved from a small family run business to become an established player in the oil and gas service sector, boasting a client portfolio of prominent oil and gas asset owners and operators of international repute.

Our completed projects are spread across expansive and diverse geographies including the Middle East, East and West Africa and South East Asia. OIM 's specialised drilling and construction crew work for global drilling and construction contractors operating vessels in shallow and deep waters across these regions.

OIM recognises that our biggest asset is our people. We value and nurture our crews with particular emphasis on fair and equitable treatment. Our crews and employees are offered continuous capability development opportunities and world-class training to keep up with our stringent service standards.

At OIM , we are committed to highest quality standards and upstanding ethical practices. We take pride in delivering excellence in service through our competent, reliable and credible crews.