OIM pioneered the “Total Management Basis” concept which relieves clients from the burden of crewing and manning logistics

The core strength of OIM is its ability to harness competent and safety oriented crews under time constraints, resulting in a quick turnaround time for our clients.

Our business model functions on a "Holistic Management Approach" which allows our clients to outsource their Human Resource function in its entirety. The end-to-end crew management and logistics solutions we provide are as below:
  • Identification, sourcing and on-boarding of skilled and safety oriented crew
  • Payroll management including home allotment
  • Pre-employment medical check-up
  • Comprehensive Medical insurance for the duration of contract
  • Provision of full accommodation and food
  • Logistical support for crew change schedules, mobilizations & demobilizations
  • Training & working gear
  • Work permits
  • Full International travel - visa, passes and documentation
  • Air travel management
  • Crew coordinator seconded to the client's office or base
  • Accreditations include ISO9001:2008 for our subsidiary in India