Payroll Management Services

Outsource your payroll administration to OIM Payroll Management services because you will be allowed to handle all your payroll obligations accurately thereby allowing you to focus your energy and time on managing your business. At OIM, we provide payroll management for core drilling contractors in India and around the world. Our impeccable payroll services ensure that salaries are paid to the crew on time and timesheets are received right on time. We make use of the best-in-class ERP system to keep track of all your payroll needs. Also, we have got dedicated Operations staff assigned to clients to ensure effective management and effective communication.

The following are some of the unique features you get while working with us:

You Remain in Control
Many business freeholders fear to outsource because to them it means they lose control of their payroll services; but with OIM payroll services, you remain in control as the engagement is described in full detail in the contract with a third party. With OIM managed payroll services, you can choose and pick the functions you wish to hand over, and the ones you want to keep performing in the organisation if there is any. It is not an all-or-nothing scheme. But it is scalable and flexible to team up with us. You can inform us exactly what you want us to offer and we will make sure that it gets done correctly, without having to consume your time.

Compliance Risk Management
Payroll can be complicated and nuanced, but with us, you can gain access to experts in government regulations, legislation, security, and privacy to prevent risks. This is important to those who own a small business and have little payroll expertise in the organisation. We will offer services in a secure, efficient, confidential and accurate manner. You can issue complains about regulations and make sure you protect your data from the risk of payroll fraud and theft. At OIM, we try to make everything stress-free for your company.

Enhanced Accuracy
If it involves payroll, you need to get all numbers accurate, or you will get into trouble and let your employees down. However, with the difficulties of payroll management especially without an expert like us supporting you, you might find it complicated. But when you team up with us, you are guaranteed to get everything accurate, so you can ensure that your staff get paid promptly and correctly, every time. Only that can strengthen your employees’ trust in you.

With us, accuracy is guaranteed!

Control Costs
Just like every other business founder, you are likely trying to reduce costs in any way you can, to enhance your profits. Our managed payroll services offer you the flexibility required to convert your fixed costs into a variable cost structure. This is important during an economic meltdown: as your business grows or shrinks, ditto to your service costs.

You won’t have to continue paying enormous benefits and salary to a payroll clerk especially when the work done doesn’t warrant the fixed cost. Also, you will not have to pay for equipment, payroll software fees, training, or office supplies to process, create, print and sign the cheques, either. You’ll also gain access to best-in-class hosting infrastructure, IT support, and software that you could not afford.

Save Time
When your HR department is not spending so much valuable time on sustaining payroll systems, your business can save time so that order-essential activities can be done correctly. Instead of consuming hours on researching legislature, manual data entry and double checking numbers, your HR professionals can spend time and resources on tactics and other critical activities to maximise productivity, efficiency and optimise your staff to meet your customers’ needs better and reach your business objectives at the least cost possible.

Payroll processing needs to be managed strategically by professionals like us to ensure successful business operations.

Don’t be left behind!