Staffing Solutions & Services

Tightened deadlines. Shifting market demands. New initiatives. How soon can you adjust?

With OIM, your business can become more competitive and agile with a flexible workforce solution. Our staffing solutions offer the qualified people you need, exactly when you need them.

Temporary Staffing
OIM can address your temporary or ad-hoc staffing needs quickly and efficiently. Any short-term deployment needs for crew can be handled promptly by our recruiters from our database and such crew can be immediately deployed by our team as and when needed.

Long-Term Staffing
OIM has an experienced team of recruiters with solid oil and gas industry experience who use the latest tools for sourcing the right fit candidates for your needs. The identified candidate's details are further validated by full-proof reference checks. Long-term staffing can be field crew or even the drilling company' office personnel - OIM follows strict compliance and processes for addressing long-term staffing needs.

Recruiting For Your Needs
Our recruiting process is created to find skilful individuals who can add immensely to the business value of your company from the individual’s first day at work. Through our national network, we have exclusive access to dozens of talent in a wide variety of industries. With our reliable and proven job-related assessments we discover candidates' abilities to fit perfectly into your organisation’s environment. And, we will try and understand your company’s objectives to match the right candidate for your needs efficiently.

Reducing Your Costs
Staff ups and downs readily respond to business fluctuations, guiding your permanent workforce and dictating values. With OIM on your team, the costs assigned to hiring, retirements, benefits, and long-term compensation are reduced.

Partnering With You
We work endlessly with your team to make sure that our staffing solutions strengthen your workforce strategies. For many, we are the only resource that can control all aspects of your workforce from recruitment of staff to on boarding and safety to continuous satisfying measurement.