Training Need Analysis

Qualified employees being motivated is the key factor to all successful Oil and Gas companies. OIM is committed to providing practical, competent and applicable solutions perfect to suit your needs: from appointment of professionals through apprenticeship to vocational education of executives and skilful workers. Also, we provide a wide range of support services such as training management and service or product training, enabling you to focus on your other pressing business issues.

Training can be defined as “the acquisition of concepts, skills or attitudes that result in advancement in performance within the job environment.” Training needs analysis, (TNA) is the first phase of the training process, and this includes a procedure to decide whether training will solve the problem of the company. OIM Training Needs Analysis looks at each level of an operational domain so that the initial concept, skills and attitudes of the people present for the system can be discovered efficiently and appropriate training can be specified.

Why choose us

  • We help our clients to check their candidate's training needs and give opinions on competency matrix.
  • OIM follows important operators training matrix.
  • We control training matrix of our clients and provide for all training needs.
  • We have teamed up with best-in-class training institutes to make sure that the personnel's training is the same as our client's objective.
  • All our training associates and vendors are proven with no faults on training needs
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