Permanent Placement Services

Money. Energy. Time. If you are seeking through stacks of CVs from job seekers who don’t meet your requirements, then, you’re spending too much of all three. While you proceed with your search, productivity is impacted by open positions.

OIM permanent placement service gives you direct access to fully-screened, top-notch, and ideally-qualified candidates in every company and at different levels for any position vacant in your organisation. This helps you consume less time. Also, it is the most successful way to hire the right people for the job, and it is more cost-effective. We are expert in finding and delivering talented individuals with the required experience and skills for your permanent positions who share your goal and who would contribute to the success of your company for a long term.

OIM provides permanent placement solutions tailored specifically to your business needs.

Permanent Placement Recruitment
Building on OIM’s significant full-service recruiting experience, our network of recruiting professionals use client-specific strategies to find the perfect talent for your company’s business demands and culture. At the same time, our smooth delivery decreases costs associated with interviewing, recruiting, training and on-boarding. The result is to provide more immediate productivity advancement and greater ROI.

Why choose us

  • The experienced pool of recruiters to assist you in your permanent placement needs in India or globally.
  • Extensive and regularly updated personnel database to provide you with on-time resources to suit your requirement.
  • Access to online sourcing tools for quick permanent placement needs.
  • Premier clients in India choose OIM as their trustworthy partner whenever needs of permanent placements come up.